Adopt a family, pick a town ~ Adopta una familia, escoje un pueblo



These maps help depict all the towns of Puerto Rico as well as the zones they are part of.  It also helps people get a better idea of where the towns are located. ALL of our towns were affected. As of now, according to the latest news, more than 300,000 homes have been destroyed on the islands due to the hurricanes Irma and Maria. Please adopt a family, Help us spread the word.


Estos mapas presentan todos los pueblos de Puerto Rico asi como las zona a la cual pertenece cada pueblo. TODOS nuestros pueblos fueron afectados, incluyendo Vieques y Culebra. De acuerdo a las ultimas noticias, mas de 300,000 hogares han sido destruidos por los huracanes Irma y Maria. Por favor adopten una familia. Ayudenos a compartir este mensaje.


2 thoughts on “Adopt a family, pick a town ~ Adopta una familia, escoje un pueblo”

  1. Your article does not explain HOW to adopt a family. It just says to do it. HOW? And what families can we adopt. Great idea though.


    1. Hi Susan,
      In fact the website does provide info on how to adopt a family. It is found in the FAQ’s section. However, we are going to be adding 2 new sections to the menu Called GETTING HELP and GETTING INVOLVED to make it even easier for the people to be involved in this endevour and help a family in need in Puerto Rico. Every person counts, and we will try to help and connect as many people as we can. Regards, Lilly


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